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New Book Review Somers Ageless

October, 2006 - Ageless: The naked truth about bioidentical hormones by Suzanne Somers has 16 interviews from cutting-edge doctors on how to slow the aging process for men and women. Suzanne Somers introduced millions of women to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and changed the way we look at menopause with her revolutionary book, The Sexy Years. Now, in Ageless, Suzanne introduces a medically validated approach against age-related diseases. Ageless is jam-packed with new, updated information on bioidentical hormone replacement and antiaging.

Previous books by Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers is the author of sixteen books, including the New York Times bestsellers Keeping Secrets, five Somersize titles, and The Sexy Years. The former star of the hit television programs Three’s Company and Step by Step, Suzanne is one of the most trusted and respected brand names in the world, representing cosmetics and skin care products, apparel, jewelry, a computerized facial fitness system, fitness products, and an extensive food line. Suzanne received an honorary doctorate of humane letters from National University and is a highly sought-after commencement speaker.


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