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Patient Education About Procedures

Injections are performed in the in-office exam room of your anti-aging physician, dermatologist, plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon. The area to be injected will be cleansed (most likely with alcohol). Depending on the injectable and your pain threshold, a topical anesthetic cream may be applied or a local anesthetic agent may be injected to numb the region. Your physician may mark multiple locations to inject the filler substance. With Botox, you will be asked to make certain expressions so your doctor can determine how much injectable is likely needed and precisely where to place it. Depending on the area to be treated, you may receive one or more injections in a given region to achieve your desired results.

In most cases, non-ablative laser treatments require no anesthesia. But if you are someone who finds the snap of the laser too much to bear, you might ask your doctor to prescribe a numbing cream that you apply prior to your appointment to make treatment more tolerable. Another option for patients is a self-directed flow of compressed cool air to the treatment area. This type of chilling comfort is a standard in most leading laser centers. Depending on the treatment and the region being treated, it may take from a few moments to an hour. Protective goggles for the patient and the technician are a must. Following treatment you are good to go, but don't forget to protect treated areas from the sun. You may have the appearance of a mild sunburn that can be camouflaged with cosmetics or soothed with a topical cream or ointment like Aquanil HC.

Ablative laser procedures to resurface the skin usually are outpatient surgery but may include an overnight stay if performed in conjunction with other procedures. It requires prep time, anesthesia and recovery before you are released to go home.

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