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Paul L. Hester, MD, Preventive-aging Medicine,


Even with notables like David Beckham and Pierce Brosnan endorsing skincare products, men remain reluctant to follow women into the skin health market. These days a scruffier, unshaven look, like that of Russell Brand, has become much more popular amongst younger men, which means they have little need for post-shave balms. Trying to get men to buy into looking after their skin has become an unrealized goal for Specialists like me. And yet, in the past few years, physicians have found a product that has caught the attention of these mid-life skin minimalists. Dubbed 'Bro-tox', this new attitude in male grooming is making previously unlikely candidates buck stereotypes and seek out image attention in droves. Close to half a Million men in the U.S. were reported to have had Botox injections last year alone.

Why Botox for men?

Well...the results are unmatched! Just stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself closely. Are wrinkles cleaving your brow? Is the skin across your forehead forming mini- irrigation ditches? If the answer is a resounding yes then you certainly don't need an anti-aging cream as they clearly do not work. Even generally - look around you, beautiful women all over the world in their fifties still looking young and beautiful. You are a man and you have all the right to look great in your fifties too. And Botox is the solution to your aging signs. You may have not noticed, but a lot of Hollywood men generally look awesome even in their old age. Looking young for your age is nothing to be ashamed of and one effective way to address the signs of aging is with Botox.

A look at the numbers reveals there are many men around the world choosing to have Botox. Our male patients tell us that the results are more than about just looking younger. They claim they choose Botox because it also boosts their confidence. Research from a study in 2012 suggests those patients who regularly receive Botox report being happier and having less symptoms of depression. It is thought that by inhibiting the ability to frown the brain does not receive the signal that translates to a negative emotion.

Men usually get vertical lines near their eyebrows which may initially be accepted as masculine but eventually makes them look depressed and angry. He may be a happy and jovial man in real life but those lines could make him look hopeless and serious. He gets frustrated with people asking him if he is sad or tired. In my opinion, men who use Botox can experience positive changes in their skin or improvement in expression lines within the first week

Safe and Effective

Botox has been FDA approved for just over 10 years now. One should always consult a doctor before doing anything at all -Thousands of people have used Botox, with little or no complications; however it is important to make sure your treatment is from a licensed medical professional trained in its use. Techniques vary widely, and the artistry of application is different with male anatomy versus female. That said, Botox is one of the safest methods to help one look young and attractive.

No time?

No worries. A Botox procedure can be performed in a 15 minute office visit. However, if you constantly work and don't give yourself some attention, you absolutely will see signs of aging earlier than expected. We know facial aging accelerates in the 30's, and some men are so busy they don't even see that their appearance is turning old. Botox can offer a quick solution and even some prevention for signs of facial aging.

What image do you desire- polished or unpolished?

Once you are through the process of Botox, you will see a positive, natural change in your appearance. You may even look at yourself and say "now my face matches my expensive suit." You may simply be content in knowing you don't look like the oldest guy in the room. Whatever the case, Botox has made its mark in the arena of Men's Grooming. Add it to the list of a stylish cut, fashionable threads, and a great shoe shine. Botox is a nice way to polish off the look.


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