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Botox Cosmetic Challenge


Now there is no reason to wait.

Take the Botox® Cosmetic challenge!


Greetings to Patients of Dr. Paul Hester:

I would like to inform you about a new and exciting program that Allergan is sponsoring called the Botox® Cosmetic challenge. This program is designed to educate potential new cosmetic patients about Botox Cosmetic and help them find a qualified physician to provide their treatment. Allergan is spending over 1 MILLION DOLLARS in direct to consumer advertising to spread the word! As a Preferred Member of the Botox Cosmetic Provider Network, Dr. Hester has been granted the opportunity to offer this exciting program to his patients in Lexington, London and Danville!

Beginning June 1st, prospective clients will begin to see advertisements in over 17 national publications directing them to take the Botox® Cosmetic challenge. They will be invited to learn the facts about Botox® Cosmetic and visit a website that is dedicated to this program and directs them to experienced physicians like Dr. Hester, where they can get treated. To encourage participation, Allergan is giving away 1 FREE Botox® treatment every day for 100 days beginning June 1st. Once the client visits the website and completes the registration, they will either win the FREE Botox® Cosmetic treatment(20 units) or they will win a $50 off coupon* that can be redeemed at participating physician’s offices.

*coupon may not be applied to other promotionals or within the 3-2-1 be smooth program without the prior authorization of the physician's office.


Allergan has discontinued the Botox Cosmetic Challenge.  Be Medispa will honor the Challenge by offering a $50 discount through September 15, 2007.

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