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Glycolics/Alpha and Beta Hydroxy
Alpha hydroxy acids in concentrations of 30 percent or more are applied for two to five minutes (or more) to slough away the upper layer of dead skin cells as well as penetrate into the upper layers of the dermis to soften fine lines, promote a rosy glow, encourage better penetration of other skin-care products or even dry an acne flare up. Glycolic peels are no-downtime procedures, with mild redness or irritation the only likely aftereffect.

Jessner's solution
The common name for a deeper peeling solution of resorcinol and lactic and salicylic acids, this is commonly applied after a glycolic peel of 30 to 50 percent. The Jessner's solution is layered on the skin to treat pigmentation, acne, acne scarring and other skin irregularities. Aggressive peeling and occasional crusting forms within two to four days of the peel. Redness and swelling may last a week or more. Results are visible with new, clearer skin within seven to 10 days, but redness or other pigment changes may persist for several weeks.

In lower concentrations, TCA peels can deliver a no-downtime peel to reduce fine lines, improve skin texture and even soften sun damage. In higher concentrations, well-trained doctors use TCA in lieu of laser resurfacing to soften acne scarring, erase crinkles and wrinkles across the face, and to reveal wholly new skin. Most TCA peels are a one-time treatment and require one to two weeks of downtime until crusting heals to reveal smoother, younger, clearer pink skin. Pigmentation changes are among the risks, and sun protection is an unquestionable must for life.

The same ingredient used in Retin-A and Renova to fight acne and fine lines topically is applied in a peel concentration from one to five percent. Tretinoin slowly penetrates the skin to gently slough away sun damage, aging and melasma spots. While this is a no-downtime procedure, you may be peeling for several days after treatment. Multiple cycles of increasing concentration yield the best results. Staying out of the sun during treatment is an absolute must.

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