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JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel

One of the first things you notice as you age is the loss of your facial volume. A quick examination or your cheeks, folds, lips and jaw line can be quite revealing. Fortunately, Dr. Hester has developed methods to replace the youthful contours time and gravity have altered. Using advanced injection techniques, Dr. Hester takes volume enhancement with dermal fillers to the level of artistry. He expertly applies cosmetic fillers to smooth out and plump facial areas that have begun to wrinkle. Unlike many novice injectors, Dr. Hester is comprehensive in his process to reveal your youthful cheekbones, correct your sunken temples and eyes, and mask the sag of your jaw line. Read on to learn more about the products he likes to use.


Where can JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel  be used? JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel can be used almost anywhere lines and wrinkles form, including the forehead, around the eyes, or around the lips. Many of our patients choose this option to smooth away smile lines that run from the side of the nose to the corners of the mouth.

When Will I see results? Keep in mind that injectable fillers are much less invasive than surgical methods and give great results - you will see immediate improvement even before leaving our offices.

How long does  JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel last? We find that most patients require only a single treatment once or twice a year to maintain the smooth look they have achieved. JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel has been welcomed as a "next-generation" skin filler.

What does JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel consist of? Its primary ingredient is hyaluronic acid - a naturally-occurring substance that replenishes skin volume while also hydrating treated tissue. Prepared using a proprietary manufacturing process, it offers the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid compared to its competitors, meaning that you get the longest-lasting results possible.  All the ingredients contained within the gel are hypoallergenic, meaning that you won't have to undergo an allergy skin test before receiving treatment. It's available in two different strengths and can be used alone or in conjunction with other surgical and non-surgical options for wrinkle treatment and correction.


What can I expect during my treatment? During your appointment facial rejuvenation begins by injecting the filler under your skin to target and minimize wrinkles, folds, and creases. Following injection, the gel will be massaged into each treated area to ensure uniformity. This process generally lasts about 15 minutes per area treated, with total time spent at Be Medispa depending on the extent of treatment.

Wrinkles and creases form as we age because our skin starts to lose its natural volume; let's get started correcting the problem. At Be Medispa we can help you rebuild your skin's foundation and give you another tool in the fight against signs of aging.



If you would like more information regarding JUVÉDERM®, follow this link to the JUVÉDERM®  application: .


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