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HEALTH l BEAUTY l BALANCE Newsletter December 2006

HEALTH: The best kept secret in Anti-Aging Medicine? by Chasity Hester, PA-C

It's not found in some lotion or potion, it is a supplement-- salmon oil. Because it is high in Omega-3 essential fatty acids, fish oil helps to repair cell membranes, even skin tone, and delay the signs of aging. Fish oil can be found in capsule or liquid form, but be careful, not all fish oil is created equal. Some have high levels of mercury that may be harmful over time. I recommend Wild Sockeye Salmon Oil from Vital Choice Seafood.


BEAUTY - Facial Plastic Surgery with S. Randolph Waldman, M.D.

Bags under your eyes? Look 10 years younger by having Dr. Randolph Waldman remove them with No Incision! Pouches beneath the eyes are generally due to herniations of the fat normally located in the eye socket. The lower lid blepharoplasty can often accomplish the removal of herniated fat without making a skin incision or removing any skin. Some excepitions may apply, but for the most part this procedure in done in the office setting offers minimal downtime. Find out more...


BEAUTY: One Procedure, Multiple Benefits. by Paul L. Hester, M.D.

Medispa News: Correct two or even three problems with one procedure. Available at Be Medispa, Dr. Paul Hester uses PDT, otherwise known as Photodynamic Therapy, to erase sun damage shrink pores and eliminate acne. The procedure is approved to destroy pre-cancerous cells known as AK's (Actinic Keratosis) in the process. One to three treatments may be necessary, and the results speak for themselves. Find out about specific specials for this procedure available through January 31st.


BALANCE - Weight Gain without changing anything? by Paul L. Hester, M.D.

Feeling slow or sluggish? Gaining weight easily? Constipated? Cold? Hair changes?
You may be suffering from hypothyroidism!

Many may believe that the diagnosis of thyroid disease requires the finding of golf ball sized protrusions from the neck. Although some sufferers may have enlargement of the thyroid gland, thyroid dysfunction is not always so obvious nor predictable. Thyroid disease is known as “The Great Imitator” because the effects of thyroid dysfunction can mimic many other medical conditions. While researchers debate whether thyroid disease is a cause of aging, there is general agreement that many of the symptoms of thyroid deficiency mimic age related changes in our bodies.

When people speak of a high or low metabolism, they are really describing the rate of cellular work being done. A slow metabolism secondary to thyroid deficiency is often experienced as extreme physical exhaustion, weight gain, constipation, and brain dullness or mental exhaustion. The physical changes may include: dry skin, hair loss, thinning eyebrows, puffiness in the face, low body temperature, a faltering immune system and a general sense of living in slow motion. We have tests that can measure levels of thyroid hormone, but if you are experiencing several of the symptoms above, it probably means your cell’s are deficient of adequate thyroid.

Thyroid deficiency may often go undetected if a patient’s symptoms are not given serious consideration. It is important to have a screening blood test to assess thyroid function. Physicians trained in Anti-Aging Medicine know that a normal blood test does not necessarily mean that a patieint may not benefit from thyroid treatment.

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