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Keep Your Health on Track


Medispa….an institution whose primary purpose is to provide comprehensive medical and wellness care in an environment which integrates spa services as well as conventional and complimentary therapies and treatments.


This is how our staff can help keep you on track….


REDUCE THE EFFECTS OF AGE ACCELERANTS that lead to increased inflammatory signaling, collagen and elastin breakdown, decreased immune and hormonal function, increased fluid retention, elevated blood pressure, fast metabolism disorders, nervous system damage and decreased cognitive function.


HEALTHY MENU AND BODY COMPOSITION PLANNING for a more youthful ratio of fat to lean muscle. Body composition is more useful than weight as a gauge of yor body’s ability to burn calories, maintain hormone balance, and sustain cellular functions. Improved health and daily function produces a quality of life that can far outweigh the temptations of a fast food or “sweet” diet.


COMBINE THE ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS OF EXERCISE and apply them in a smart way. Most of us do not have a satisfactory experience with daily exercise because we have been unable to balance the keystones of flexibility, aerobic exercise, and resistance training. Without the proper combination, we suffer fatigue, pain and injury that drive us away from activity. In short, we are unable to experience a benefit to our performance. A balanced exercise prescription may prove to be the last expensive way to achieve youthful aging and an enhanced sense of well being.


ADDRESS THE DAMGING EFFECTS OF NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY, pollution, radiation and the continuous production of free radical waste within the body. In the battle against degenerative change, the use of high density nutrition is a scientifically proven method for slowing the aging process. Our body does not age because we are only allowed a certain number of birthdays. Rather, our decreasing ability to repair at a cellular level causes the erosions we experience. We cannot afford to be deficieint in those nutrient and hormones that promote a more stable infrastructure.

Skin Solutions

ENHANCE SKIN HEALTH AND RENEWAL through examination, computer analysis, aesthetic procedures and prescribed care. When we speak of a person’s appearance or guess at their age, we are most often referring to their skin health. We value plump, smooth, soft, well-hydrated skin; and we usually examine the face to gain our first impression. In the medical field, we now have many safe options to cosmetically enhance the appearance we desire. And importantly, the technology is safe, effective, and often requires little or no down time.

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