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Seminar Schedule 2006

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Free Monthly Seminars

See the newest anti-aging treatments.

What’s the difference between Botox and Restylane? Can Radiofrequency really tighten my skin? How can medical science improve my appearance? When does surgical intervention become my best option?

These are just a few of the questions you'll have answered at Dr. Hester's series of free information seminars. Our monthly clinics explain the newest cosmetic medical technologies, what they can do, and any potential risks. Our free monthly seminars will shed some light on our new, non-surgical face-lift and anti-aging procedures. You’ll learn from our experts, ask questions, walk through the MedSpa, and meet the physicians and staff. All while enjoying the peaceful rhythm of our spa and tasting healthy finger-foods. You’ll also receive a gift bag with product samples, handouts about the latest cosmetic medical technologies, and discounts for products and services.

Seating is limited, so call and reserve your space today.

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