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3d Facial Aging

More Than a Facelift

Not so long ago, the only approach to impact the aging face was some type of major surgery, such as a facelift.  The healing times were lengthy and the results could not be guaranteed to meet your expectations. Today, cosmetic medicine and facial rejuvenation techniques have advanced to same-day and minimal downtime enhancements that can have a huge impact on your skin, your overall look and certainly your confidence. Most importantly, one type of procedure does not fit all. In fact, many less invasive techniques can be combined to provide a customized enhancement that perfectly suits the patient’s cosmetic desire.

Over time the natural fat pads in the cheeks, temples and lower face begin to shrink.  In addition, even the facial bones and muscle tissues get smaller. The result is that skin starts to sag, droop and form shadows that make one appear tired and older than their age.  This process begins in the thirties and can be accelerated by a lean body mass and outdoor sun exposure.  In fact, facial atrophy (deflation) accounts for more than 90% of facial aging between the ages of 30-60.

Now for the good news---It’s correctable!

Dermal fillers including Restylane®, Juvederm®, Radiesse® or Sculptra ®can all be applied to various areas of volume loss in the face. Most dermal fillers have been FDA approved for specific areas, but are widely used “off label” in adjacent areas. The purpose of fillers is essentially to "fill" a part of the face that has been distorted by volume loss.  Fillers can be gently and safely injected into the areas that can be “re-inflated,” and  eventually “push wrinkles out” from below helping the skin regain a fresh, youthful appearance.

Healthy skin is beautiful skin, and the best medicine for skin is a resortative and preventive approach.  Dr Hester's technique includes a unique application of dermal fillers combined with other non-surgical modalites that can enhance and rejuvenate your skin and ultimately help you look "Young for Your Age". 

Schedule your 3D Consultation today and begin the process for looking your best!

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