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Age Management Testimonials

"Very good experience.  Noticeable peak in mental acuity and overall well-being." R.N. (07/16/14)

"I have had great results and can tell when my levels get low.  No stiffness, aches, or pains during a treatment cycle." J.T. (06/12/14)

"Wonderful.  Feel better, more energy." R.S. (06/11/14)

"Wonderful experience, only treatment which has controlled my menopausal symptoms." N.S. (06/27/14)

"Have more energy and sex drive.  Unfortunately, wife needs to increase her's now!" A.G. (06/25/14)

"Helped energy level and body weight." S.M. (06/16/14)

"Works well!" S.B. (06/18/14)

"I feel better with pellets.  They help control my blood sugar and keeps my bladder from leaking." C.H. (06/11/14)

These people truly "get it". This is medical care/service that fits within the confines of Medical Concierge' Service. Very personalized, unhurried/unharried and highly focused on the patient. Never once did I have a sensation of "NEXT" as is so often the prevailing sense when one visits most any medical practicioner


Chasity - you are the best! You always explain everything in a clear, concise way and thanks to you, I feel great!! Many thanks for all you do :))

Honestly, I feel better now than I think I have ever felt before. I mean I thought when I was younger I felt good, but I now actually feel better than that!

I think I may have always had something underlying going on that is now balanced. Every staff person always has a smile, meets, greets and makes you feel welcome and glad you are there.

Chasity was great. I left feeling like she took a lot of time to explain what she thought was going on and made me feel at ease. I left stress-free and with a more optimistic outlook on my health issues. Thanks!

I left my appointment with a renewed vision of human medicine. Thanks again

I was very happy with my consultation visit, and I feel optimistic about moving forward with my hormone replacement therapy.

Showed up for an appointment I actually had over phone and they immediately changed their schedules to work me in! Very thankful to the staff who said it was no problem, when I know it really was! So grateful......

Chasity took time with me, listened and TOGETHER, we planned my meds. Great job!

Thank you for all that you do to help me grow and be healthier! Thank you all for your friendship and support! You are the BEST!

I can never thank you enough for helping me this past year. I am still shocked at how bad I felt and even more shocked at the incredibly speedy recovery I experienced once you got hold of me. Thanks for your good care and excellent treatment!!!

This was my first visit. I came feeling skeptical because I have been let down by so many doctors in the past 6 years. This is the first time I left a doctor's office feeling like I had found the answer I have been so desperately searching for. Every single member of your staff was exceptional. Thank you for restoring my faith in physicians.

I was very impressed with my whole experience. The ladies are all wonderful. I have already recommended your office to two friends off

I was very impressed with the knowledge base of the spa team, and appreciated the lack of the "hard sell".  Be is obviously a well-thought out, holistic approach to both a healthy and happy body.

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