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Results are evident and have definitely improved my overall health. –T.G. (7-21-2014)
Very positive—Pleased –W.M. (4-4-2014)
Significant increase in working out the last 7 months. Increased muscle mass and decrease in weight.—Dr. T.M. (8-5-14)
Great results! Good choice in doing program and delivery!—D.C., DMD (8-14-14)
The Pellets are great, much better than the shots!—J.M. (8-14-14)
Feeling great! I noticed the next morning, sleeping better (actually dreaming), and increased energy.—J.C. (8-26-14)
Always had a nap in the afternoon until I started hormone experience. Now I can’t nap even if I try. More energy.—B.S. (4-16-2014)
Increased energy level. I don’t nap every afternoon as before.—B.S. (8-27-2014)
I can tell when it runs out. Seems to work for me. –J.J. (9-2-2014)
Great so far!—B.M. (9-04-2014)
Wonderful. Love the whole staff. Chasity is AMAZING, has helped me so, so, so, much and has given me a better quality of life. –A.F. (9-17-2014)
Makes me feel better. –C.H. (10-08-2014)
Seems to help in a multiple of ways. –M.S. (12-01-2014)
Couldn’t function without pellets. Recommend them to every female who is experiencing menopausal symptoms. –D.B. (12-05-2014)
Very pleased; very much can recognize when it is time for “refill”.—T.C. (12-09-2014) 

I felt like a million bucks just being in this lovely setting with the personnel being professional, yet charming, considerate and kind. As for Dr. Hester ... Impressive, intelligent and exceptional at his chosen profession. I recommend his services to everyone.

The staff at Be Medispa are kind and professional. I have always been treated as a guest whether in person, on the phone or in email.  I highly recommend Be Medispa!

I felt comfortable and pampered at Be MediSpa. I felt 20 years younger when I left! I recommend it to anyone that looks older than they feel!

I'VE been going to BeMediSpa now for some time and have always received outstanding care and consideration. The results I'VE experienced have given me a new outlook on ageing gracefully. You know it's a good thing when you look and feel better in your 40's than you did in your 20's.


I have experience with dozens of medical offices that offer similar services and choose to see Dr Hester because he and his staff make me feel like I am truly cared for.


I think your spa was great. I am new to all this, therefore to me you already have a lot of options for spa treatments. I loved my spa day. It was soothing but got the job done all at the same time.


The best experience I have had, staff was so knowledgable and they knew exactly what to do to make my skin look and feel great!

I brought 2 friends with me and they both loved the service provided,.......of course I loved it as always


The staff at Be Medispa makes you feel like a part of the family. Also the staff is very knowledgable and able to answer any questions and put you at ease. Be Medispa is the only medical spa I would trust to perform any treatments on my face.

I am a frequent traveler (Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Nevada, Chicago) and your services stand alone, you are hands down one of the most professional, caring, classy and knowledgeable establishments out there. I have been to other places in Lexington as well, and they need to take lessons from you! I don't think you need to change anything!

Loved my first visit to Be Medispa! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Looking forward to future visits!

As always, you are professional, kind and personal. I feel free to call with concerns because everyone takes the time to to be sincere. You have a great business built on who you are! Thanks for everything.

Always excellent! Be Medispa provides great customer service in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Treatment plans and options are always fully explained, and follow up is made by friendly and knowledgeable staff members. The best part is the! Phenomenal!

Everyone was very pleasant and I liked the options I was given to get my best results.

BeMedispa is the absolute best! My skin has never looked so great and I am almost 50! Dr. Hester and everyone are wonderful. Thank you Laura for taking such great care of me!

Having you, I really don't mind getting older...

It was a wonderful visit. The facial was as relaxing as a full body massage! I learned about the laser hand treatment for age spots, and took advantage of it! I am looking forward to the outcome and will want more "mature spots" to disappear if the hands do well

Everything was great!! Loved it, will be back!

Best filler treatment I've ever received! Appreciate the recommendation for filler under the eyes....what an improvement! Also got my "marionette lines" better than ever before! Thanks Chastity and Jill!

Best facial I ever had. Laura was great!

My experience was exceptional from beginning to end. The PA was very informative during the entire process. She certainly made the process a very pleasant one. She's a great asset to the office!!!! The follow up call the day after was a nice touch! Based on my experience I would certainly recommend the services offered to friends.

I always love coming to get something done! It's so relaxing and I love your staff. Thanks for doing such a good job. :)
Lauren and I enjoy our visits to your office and are always so eager to find out what's new ! We are so pleased with your new facility !!it could not have been a more relaxing day! We love the whole staff and are so trusting that Dr Hester has our best intrest!! Thanks to you all!!

I enjoyed my visit very much!  Jill is a wonderful person and a great professional.  I also like the overall Be Medispa team and environment, which it creates.

I love Be Medispa.

Your team does an excellent job. I have been to other spas before, but I have never felt as comfortable as I do when I walk in BeMedispa.


BeMediSpa is an amazing place!"


I was so impressed with my first visit. Laura was great and I really enjoyed working with her. I plan to come back and have more facials and I have started using some of your products. Thanks so much. 

Best Medispa I've ever seen. Professional, knowledgeable, courteous, efficient. Beautiful office and wonderful staff.

You've always been kind, thoughtful and helpful with health concerns and information. I consider you friends. Always have. It is more than refreshing to realize you are constantly in research to make and give good advice. From MS to acne!!! Thank you for such a great service to our community. Love love
I'm so excited! I have been wanting to take better care of my skin, but really didnt know where to start. Happy to have you guide me in the right direction. Thanks!
I was very impressed with my first visit and I can't wait to come in next week for my procedure. Chasity was extremely nice and very informative of procedures availabe and what was involved in each.
The very definition of caring, competent professionals who do what they do for the love of it.
Thank you so much for the thorough appointment. I feel you are taking such good care of me.
Honestly, I feel better now than I think I have ever felt before. I mean I thought when I was younger I felt good, but I now actually feel better than that!
I think I may have always had something underlying going on that is now balancedEvery staff person always has a smile, meets, greets and makes you feel welcome and glad you are there.
All I can say is Laura is AMAZING. She gives the best and most relaxing facials. I'm addicted, you have a customer for life :)
I was very impressed with the knowledge base of the spa team, and appreciated lack of the "hard sell". Be is obviously a well-thought out, holistic approach to a both a happy and healthy body.
Chasity was great. I left feeling like she took a lot of time to explain what she thought was going on and made me feel at ease. I left stress-free and with a more optimistic outlook on my health issues. Thanks!
I LOVE IT. I love Amy and Jill. They are so kind and sweet and such a wonderful reflection of your business. Beautiful women inside and out. Everyone is always so sweet and informative, kind, inviting, and makes the customer want to return back to such a wonderful place to relax and learn. I would love to have more promotions... Other than that, Everything is amazing and I have already refered people... my co-workers, family and friends! I love it there... if I could come everyday, I Certainly Would. My esthetician was wonderful and I will definitely go back to see her again. And I have already referred one of my friends.
I had IPL done on my face and chest - worked wonders after just one time. Your staff is just wonderful! thanks again!
Love the professionalism and my wonderful friends at BeMediSpa. Everyone is very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and courteous.
It was wonderful. My sister and I adore Be Medispa and everyone who works there. Jill, who performed my chemical peel was outstanding!
I left my appointment with a renewed vision of human medicine. Thanks again
Everyone is great at your office. I truely appreciate all the assistance Dr. Hester and Chasity have given me. They have worked with my individual needs and are very easy to talk to in reference to questions and concerns. Thank you so very much. I look forward to working with Dr. Hester and his staff in the future.
Everyone was great! Very warm setting. Receptionist/assistant was very kind and friendly made a great first impression. You should be very proud of your business!
Always a very professional experience and confident this is the place that will treat whatever the skin issue is seriously and successfully. Exudes professionalism and total expertise in this field.
The entire staff strives to ensure ease and comfort. They are empathetic, caring and have a great sense of humor, while maintaining the utmost professionalism! Highly recommended.
I appreciate the personal care I am given when I come in, I feel that any time I have a question or problem you are there - just a call away.
I was very happy with my consultation visit, and I feel optimistic about moving forward with my hormone replacement therapy.
Showed up for an appointment I actually had over phone and they immediately changed their schedules to work me in! Very thankful to the staff who said it was no problem, when I know it really was! So grateful......
Chasity took time with me, listened and TOGETHER, we planned my meds. Great job!
I had a great visit! She spent time and was very helpful. I love the spa and the girls. They are very nice.
Thank you for all that you do to help me grow and be healthier! Thank you all for your friendship and support! You are the BEST!
The entire staff was very professional, as well as, very personable and friendly. And above all, very knowledgable in all questions, and concerns I had. It was a pleasant experience! I love the quality of service I receive - top notch!
Best in town!
I appreciated the blend of professionalism, information, and relaxed approach.
Great experience yesterday! Can't wait to come back for another visit. Be proud of your staff and what you do. Thanks!
I can never thank you enough for helping me this past year. I am still shocked at how bad I felt and even more shocked at the incredibly speedy recovery I experienced once you got hold of me. Thanks for your good care and excellent treatment!!!
I was very pleased. The staff and Dr. Hester were very professional and friendly. The price was reasonable and I am more than satisfied with the results! Will refer all friends!
My visit was a pleasant one. The staff is friendly and Chasity was excellent about explaining procedures and expected outcomes. She made me feel like a friend. Dr. Hester is quiet, calming and seemed like an honest, caring Doctor that enjoys his profession as well as his patients.
This was my first visit. I came feeling skeptical because I have been let down by so many doctors in the past 6 years. This is the first time I left a doctor's office feeling like I had found the answer I have been so desperately searching for. Every single member of your staff was exceptional. Thank you for restoring my faith in physicians.
Everyone was very professional and I enjoyed my visit and look forward to working with your staff on clearing my horrible acne problems. Thank you for letting me at least feel as if there is SOME hope for my face!
Dr. Hester is indeed an awsome physician and artist that is capable of changing the lives of women going throught the aging process.
I have nothing but praises for the wonderful life altering services you provide!! You have helped me so very much and I truly appreciate your endeavors. The whole office is superb: from the pleasant and helpful staff who answer the phone with a tone in their voices that let you know they are glad you called to the attention we get from truly professional and devoted medical experts that go above and beyond the call of duty!Thank you, thank you for doing what you do!! It is comforting to know how much you care about your patients.
I was very impressed with my whole experience. The ladies are all wonderful. I have already recommended your office to two friends off
My Be Medispa experience is always a quiet and transcending experience. It reminds me to let all stress go. To "BE" that moment, especially when that moment is meant solely for me and my health and well being.
Thank you so much for my beautiful lips! I am so happy and feel very pretty. I feel honored to let everyone know the "lip guy" in Kentucky performed the procedure.
Your sevices were excellent. No recommendations for improvement. Thank you for your help. I was very impressed with my services and would highly recommend your office. Laura explained everything in detail to me which I appreciated.
They are the best at what they do! Smart, caring and compassionate... every one!

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